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Croft Mear, Pendeen

Sue James outside Croft Mear

Cllr Sue James, founding Trustee and on-going Chair, outside one of the terraces built at Croft Mear, Pendeen, as it neared completion in 2015. Housing Market conditions changed between our obtaining planning consent and completion so, only 3 of the homes were originally sold to 1st time local buyers and 5 were purchased by Cornwall Council for local rent.

Croft Mear
Croft Mear

The other photos show the housing as it is today, with the residents and Land Trust working together to maintain the open spaces.

Lafrowda Close

We are at the early stages of working with Agile Properties to make a planning application for 3 homes for local people in the disused area of Lafrowda Close. The outline sketch shows how these might be laid out, with planting. Due to a successful bid for Community Capacity Funding, through Cornwall Council, Agile Properties have started commissioning the necessary surveys towards submitting a planning applications and to ensure the project is viable but this is a long process. 

We will start talking with local people in need of homes and those living near the proposed homes, to take on board their views, as soon as we know we have a potentially viable scheme. This will be a very different approach to providing housing and, aware of the sensitivities of our landscape, we hope this small pilot site will enable local people and planners to assess whether we can support more homes like these, in our local community.

We hope later in 2024 we can progress to talking with you about our hopes for this site and you will support us in our journey through planning. If you want to explore what Agile do, here is a link to their website:  Agile Properties

How you can support us

We welcome anyone supporting our objectives and projects. You can become a Member for £1 – just complete the contact form and we will be in touch.